* DIASECURE Management System


DiaSecure® Management System

Delivery time:UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days
DiaSecure® is a secure and handy pocket storage device which allows those on multiple daily injections, such as insulin, to carry their pen, sufficient pen-needles and other medication with them discretely and safely. 

It comes with a clip for use in a pocket, or belt.  A lanyard (not supplied) can be attached to the clip to hang it around your neck.
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DiaSecure® provides:

(1) Easy insulin pen attachment - a simple click.
(2) Easy filling with new, unused pen needles.
(3) Easy filling with used pen needles, during changes when away from home.
(4) Easy filling with medicine pills.
(5) Clip for hands free.
(6) Slots to view contents from outside.

Question & Answer

Q: How many pen needles can I place in one DiaSecure®?
A: Up to 10.

Q: How can it be used hands-free?
A: By using the clip to fit in any pocket, on to a belt or other place.

Q: How much does DiaSecure® weigh?
A: Approximately 40 grams, empty.

Q: How many normal sized medicine pills can I store in DiaSecure®?
A: Up to 12 pills, depending on the size.

Q: Does various brands of insulin pens fit DiaSecure®?
A: Yes, the most common brands fits perfectly well.

Q: What are the main risks with reuse of pen needles and lancets?
There are several risks.

Q: Can I use DiaSecure® for my dog (or cat) which suffers from diabetes?
A: Absolutely, and the system can be attached to the leash you have for your dog.

Why DiaSecure?

The DiaSecure® system is simple, safe and economic. 

DiaSecure®  has secure, separate compartments for new and used pen-needles, tablets as well as your insulin pen all in one discreet unit.

The DiaSecure® can also help you to see how many shots of insulin you have administrated during the day.

The system helps in the management of your daily insulin and pill regime by ensuring space to hold the correct number of pen-needles and pills with you as well as space for the used needles to make sure they do not fall into the wrong hands.

Pets owners will also find it helps in the management of their pet's diabetes, when away from home.

Use of the DiaSecure® drastically simplifies the life of those with diabetes.

Also, many of those taking insulin are also need to take other tablets.

DiaSecure® has taken care of this complex problem completely.

DiaSecure® simplifies, increases the flexibility for diabetics – parents, children & pet owners – by safeguarding that new hypodermic needles and medicine pills always are brought, for the proper amount of times you have to take insulin out of your home, independent of whether it is for a shorter while or for several days/weeks.

DiaSecure® also increases the security and protects the environment by secure containment of the used needles, eliminating health risks, such as blood contamination, to mention one important area.

DiaSecure® makes sure that you, your fellow citizen and the environment are safe, free and flexible when administering your diabetes.

DiaSecure® is is manufactured in Sweden using state-of-the art Swedish design and engineering.  It is fully protected by international law.